A Fan Speaks

Dear VK,

I’m one of those rare females in the country who likes the sport you embody. Yes, most people might think, ‘Oh! She just likes it because of the poster boy of cricket! ” Well, to those I say, to each his own. However, my love for the sport goes way back, even before you started playing the U-19. I belong to the generation which grew up watching the then stalwarts Sachin, Dada, Dravid and Laxman. To us, cricket was over when they were all thrown out of the team before the 2007 T-20 WC. I don’t know what kept the others hooked (Yes, people were losing interest despite the team having won the WC), but for me it was the Delhiite who had won us the U-19 World Cup. I was as sure then as I am now, that you’re the future of my beloved sport; the sport I grew up watching, the only sport I connect with emotionally, the sport which made my bond with my father, my brother and now with my husband, a strong one.



There are people who don’t see eye to eye with your way of playing and handling things as a captain, but I’ve followed your career and your personality closely and I for one, see the way you have changed and grown, as a batsman, as a player, as a responsible captain and most importantly as a human being. That for me is a sign of progress, and for those who still doubt, the figures speak for themselves. Oh! And of course, there’s the fact that the God of cricket himself said you’re the one likely to break his records. Isn’t that testimony enough? To me you’ll always be somebody who kept the faith alive and for that I was, am and will always be a fan. So thank you, for what you did, do and I hope will continue to do for the sport that unites a nation which is otherwise divided on several issues.

A very Happy Birthday to you, Mr. Kohli!!🙏🙌👍❤️😎🏏

Keep the runs coming!!

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