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Most Effective Hacks To Look Terrific In All Your Wedding Photographs

A wedding is something we all have imagined and dreamt of numerous times, probably ever since we saw or attended the first wedding of our lives.

As someone rightly put it in this quote, “Just remember that the food will get eaten, the decorations will fade and die, the guests will leave, but the wedding photos will last forever….”. So, it will be through these D-day photographs that you will be able to relive, revisit and remember one of the most special days of your life.

You are anyway going to be the center of attraction on your D-day, all the human as well as camera eyes will be focused on you, then why not make the most of it?

So, to ensure that you look your best in all the captured moments on your D-day we bring you some effective tips and tricks.

A. Pick Outfits Loved by both: You and the camera

It is extremely important to pick the right outifit for the right occassion/ceremony. Here are a few tips to make sure you look gorgeous:

  • Pick camera friendly colors and ensure the original colors are visible when captured (sometimes they aren’t). Tip: Do a rehearsal shoot with all the outfits beforehand to ensure the outfit makes you look good in the photographs (as well as in real of course)
  • It should be a stand out outfit by all means, outshining everyone elses’. How else would you be the highlight in the photographs, right?
  • Make sure it (all the outfits) fits well.

B. Its Light and not Bright Make-Up which is Right

It is a horrible myth that bright and loud make-up ensures the photographs come out well. Do it as per your outfits, the occasion and most importantly according to what suits your skin type and tone. You don’t want to end up looking disastrous on your own wedding. Also if possible go for a trial make up few days before your wedding to be confident on how you’d look.


C. Pick Jewelry which is classy and matches well

What makes the bridal look complete? You’d say the outfit, but no, there are other aspects to it, most important of which is the jewelry. Picking the right jewelry is a struggle only a bride-to-be can understand but it all pays when you look at the photographs! So pick the best one and make sure that it

  • complements your outfit
  • Isn’t very loud or something you won’t be able to carry off comfortably
  • Fits well
  • Does not glitter too much or it would affect the photographs
  • Is right for the occasion

D. Focus on the hair too

On your wedding day your hair would most likely be tied up in a bun with a heavy dupatta to cover it up. But that doesn’t mean your take your hairdos lightly for the wedding. Hence, pick jewelry or flowers to beautify your tresses.

Also, there would be other events other than the wedding itself. So have a look at the trending hairstyles or try something new, but make sure it looks good on you!


E. Learn to strike a candid pose

Be it the lovey-dovey couple pics, the candid shots or the ones with family and friends, ensure you cover every little pose you have always wanted to get captured on. A little research on this wouldn’t hurt. Also the candid shots come out well, so have a smile on your face throughtout!



Tip: Some of these poses may be cliched and cheesy, but trust us, you’ll have fun being captured and later when having a look at the pics!!


F. Get clicked with all those who matter

Of course, the couple shots will be taken care of but amidst the excitement, don’t forget to get captured with the people who matter!! The bridesmaids, your parents, the in-laws, your family, make sure the important ones get captured and that too with you!


  • Remember that ‘Happy brides make pretty brides’, so smile and laugh (even when you think the camera is not on you!) Stay happy, embrace the supercharged atmosphere and energy and stop sweating over little things, leave it to others for that day. Yes, a lot of things will be going on in your mind and that’s quite understandable, but what you think will show on your face too (and ultimately in the photographs) so enjoy the moment and the limelight and under no circumstances should you frown!

  • Who takes care of the photographs? The photographer, of course, so make sure you choose the best one and the right one as he will know how to make you look good. Also, trust him, as it’s his job and he obviously knows better!
  • An important point when posing (or not posing) is to keep the body language and posture right. So stand up tall without slouching, with shoulders arched straight and the chin held high.

‘Photography is the beauty of life captured’ so let the beauty of the most important day of your life be captured beautifully and stay a lifelong memory to be cherished forever!

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