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Music Breaks Barriers

Music is one of the few things that helps me unwind (or even get me back to normalcy).


A recent incident led me to thinking about how I connect with people and believe it or not, a lot of these relationships grew strong or actually started because they liked the same (though weird) songs or music I did (and do).

I happened to be travelling in a car with someone I didn’t know very well. To break the awkward silence, this person put on the stereo in the car, and just 2 songs down the line, I started liking this person more (yes, I judge people on their choice of music)


Why? Because those were some of my favorite songs too (some of which I had long forgotten). My awkwardness (and somewhat tensed body language) soon began to evaporate. I relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the ride with ease.

This made me realize that music breaks barriers!! How many times have we smiled or jumped in joy and exclaimed, “Oh my God! That’s my favorite song too!” or “Oh God! You have this song on your playlist?”Haven’t we all ( at least the music lovers) been in situations where we liked someone just because they have the same taste in music as us?


Pro tip: This could be a good trick to woo the girl/boy you like too! Or even to befriend some new people. ­čÖé

So, break those barriers with some music and let new people into your life (or get to know the old ones better).

Keep the music on!!





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