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Diwali- Now & Then


She set out to clean the house,
That’s when feelings of festivity in her were roused,
The year round tradition of making the house spick and span,
During childhood, it indicated the festive season was about to began.

The city was immersed in brightness,
Everywhere she looked there was excitement and feeling of lightness.
Crackers, home decor items and new clothes people were busy buying,
She too bought it all as to relive those fond childhood memories she was trying.

Sent from back home, excitedly she began to eat the snacks and sweets,
Though they tasted delicious she did not enjoy the treats.
She decorated the house with candles and lights,
The nostalgia and feeling of loneliness she tried hard to fight.

She wore traditional clothes just like every year,
The compliments she got brought on a slight cheer.
But her brother’s teasing on how bad she looked she would have preferred
The flattery too soon in the nostalgia and memories of the past got blurred.

For each day of the festival
she made a new Rangoli the way she always had,
With nobody to appreciate and no one to fuss over her designs
She just ended up feeling more sad.

Receiving the Diwali bonus and gifts from her company was no match,
Against the competitive feeling between cousins on who got more gifts and cash.
Bursting the crackers too brought joy none,
As aiming the rocket on neighbor’s houses and people we disliked was more fun!

It made her realize that festivals were not just about money, new clothes and good food,
It was the combination of the these treats coupled with dear ones that set the right mood.
She was reminded of times with family by the bright colors all around,
When the festive season meant happiness and love was by everyone found.

Poem excerpt from my blog on Diwali.

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