8 Myths About Being A Gujju That Gujaratis Have To Face Everyday


1. The overseas myth – “You must have so many relatives abroad!”

Yes, agreed that we have turned some parts of USA into Gujju colonies (which I’m not proud of BTW) but some of us are not getting visas because of this. No, not all of us have relatives in the UK and USA (or Canada, Australia, NZ, and so on…). We’ve spread far and wide but some of us are still rooted in our motherlands. Cut us some slack. Not all of us like statements like, “Oh! You must be having so many relatives abroad!” or “USA must be like a next-door neighbor to you.”



2. The Modi myth – “Narendra Modi must be your role model.”

Most of us do behave like we own the Prime Minister just because he is Gujarati, but there are a few of us who don’t  just blindly believe in everything he does or says. Just like there are believers and non-believers in everything, so is the case here (mind you, I’m not saying that I don’t like him). I know many people in the Gujarati community who don’t hang on to his every word, and against popular belief, we too, disagree with some, few or many of his beliefs, so don’t ask us if he is a God to us or if he is our role model.

Gujju curse

3. Theplakhakrakhamandhokla – “Is thepla and khakra your favorite food?”

Yes, we are a foodie community and proudly so. Being Gujaratis, all of us have been pestered endlessly about this. But there are some of us who are beyond khakra and thepla and in fact there are few of us who don’t like these items at all. So, stop assuming that these are our favorite food items.

Gujju curse

4. The accent – “How come your English is so good?”

This one irritates me the most and being an English trainer+writer, I have been asked this by almost every person I have ever come across. Yes, it’s hard to believe that a Gujarati can be fluent in English, but don’t ridicule them instead of respecting them. Not all of us mix our ‘holes’ and ‘halls’ so take a chill pill.

5. Businessman/woman – “Your father must be businessman.”

Most Gujaratis are very successful businessmen and it’s a matter of great pride for our community. But even this has its consequences. Almost every person we come across will say to us, “Your father must be a businessman.” So, let’s get it out there that some of us belong to the service and labor class. Not every Gujarati can be an Ambani, c’mon!

Gujju curse

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