Top 10 Garba Dress Ideas For Children



If there is one festival that excites people of all ages, it is Navratri. The music, the clothes, the dancing and just the kind of euphoria in the atmosphere is enough to bring on a smile to each person’s face. Even the least excited and interested lot of people would start tapping their feet to the tunes of ‘Dholi da dhol re vagad’ or ‘Odhani odhu odhu ne udi jaay’.  And these songs are played out loud and you will hear them coming from almost each colony and street.garba-dress-1

In such a scenario, it is difficult to contain oneself to stay at home and do nothing. And it not just the music. Both women and men wear colorful and eye-catching costumes for this dance. These colors include all the bright and loud ones such as red, green, yellow, pink and more. You’re bound to be attracted. Trust me! If you can’t resist the music and the range of colors, imagine the state a child must be in. His/her eyes will twinkle with excitement, questions and possibilities seeing so many people, such a plethora of colors and the hordes of people dancing their heart out to feet tapping music.

Take it from me that he/she would want to be part of these festivities rather than just be a spectator. Before they demand so and you being at a loss as to what and how to do, why not be prepared with the best and bring on a big smile to your toddler’s face.

Today, we at TCT present to you, 10 such ideas to make this Navratri unforgettable for you as well as your little one! Go dance your hearts out like nobody’s watching but here’s how to make sure that your child feels and looks the best!

Outfit Ideas:

1. Opt for matching outfits. Adorable, right? Why just mother and daughter? Father and son can do the same! Imagine how dapper they’d both look.garba-dress-2

2. Keep it simple with a frock style lehenga for girls. Your baby girl isn’t into dressing up much? Here’s the answer for such!




3. Go traditional with the comfort factor by choosing cotton chaniya choli. Most of chaniya cholis make us adults feel uncomfortable after a while. Add the sweating factor to it because of all the dancing and the lights! Kids will definitely start grumbling after a while and chances are that they might also get rashes on their skin because of the material and the irritation. So opt for a cotton chaniya choli to avoid all this!


4. Mix it up by pairing the choli with a kurta. Simple, unique and elegant!


5. Go south!


6. The traditional look for boys with dhoti/kurta, dhoti/ kediyu or just kurta/pajama.Team it up!


7. Team it up! The chic look with kurta/pajama and a waistcoat for boys.



8. Keep it subtle with pure white cotton kurta-pyjama. White is pure. White is unbeatable and unmatchable. Opt for this if your child doesn’t like bright colors!


9. Bengali dhoti/kurta set for boys.


10. Last minute resorts = Skirt+kurta+duppata for girls and jeans+kurta+dupatta for boys

Other styling tips:

1. For girls:

  • Earrings: There is plenty of variety available. Be careful about the size you select, though!
  • garba-dress-18
  • Bangles/Bracelets: Aren’t they catchy?


  • Anklets


  • Waistband: Add this to their tiny waists for getting that complete look.


  • Mojri: There are some of the cutest and brightest footwears available for your little angel !


2. For boys:

  • Paghdigarba-dress-25
  • Waistcoat


  • Mojri

Image result for navratri mojri for small boys

What else?

Complete the look with these items! Traditional umbrellas and potlis (slings/purses) and dandiya sticks (click here to purchase online)! These would be perfect props for dance (Garba) as well. Hope these help make this Navratri even more bright and joyous, for you as well as your little one!


Happy Navratri! Go dance it out 🙂

as published on The Champa Tree



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