I Lived For A Day


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A baby’s journey from the moment it is conceived to the time it enters the world. This impactful tale sheds light on a cruel practice based on gender bias.

#Part 1

The good news is out! The parents and the near and dear ones are thrilled with the news of the baby coming soon.




The baby is getting to know the family and vice versa. It’s arrival is being anticipated.21751409_728573327335731_5854705257044025090_n



This one talks about its growth within the protective shell of its mother’s womb and how it hopes its gender won’t affect their affections for it.



The baby is about to make an entry into the world.




The baby is finally here. It’s a GIRL!!!!

But how is she being received?
There’s not much happiness around it seems.┬áThe mom is busy cuddling her new born but why is the father forlorn?

Will she be loved and cared for?



The baby encounters various human emotions! Why is her father not happy though?

Read the part 6 of her tale to know.

Will she live? What will be the end?




Is it a happy ending for the baby? What happened to her?

It all ends here.


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