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Tick tock on the clock

tick tock

Today morning as I woke up, I realized how mechanical my life has become. Get up at 6, do my yoga routine, go out for a jog, come back and get ready, have breakfast and head out for office, reach office, rush through deadlines, leave from office, go back home, have dinner, watch some TV or read a book and the day ends!!

Where’s the me time? When do I get time to think of what I am doing? Do I even bother about which direction I am heading?

Sometimes the work and routine comes so mechanically that I don’t even think before responding or doing the work. I wake up without the alarm, have food without bothering about its taste, answer regular questions without much thought,commute without wondering who are my fellow travelers, work like a robot.

Are we all, in the run and awe behind technology, turning into a piece of technology too?

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